“Checkweighing Simplified”

Checkweigher System Japanese Technology

  • Incredible precision with new digital load cell and ultra-high speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Modular design minimizes set-up and maintenance time
  • Complete suite of I/O options to collect production data and expand system capabilities
  • Minimize product giveaway, reduce production costs, and maximize investment return.
Checkweigher system

As retailers continue to implement new quality standards, small to medium size businesses must adapt in order continue supplying a highly accurate and reliable product. Retailers have many benefits of doing business with smaller local packers. Some benefits include locally grown products, unique branding opportunities, and more control over the end product. While this is great for manufactures and food processors it can also present several issues such as ensuring production speeds and maintaining accuracy requirements.

This is where checkweigher systems come into play. Implementing in line checkweighing ensures product is not being given away while also not allowing under weight products to make it to retailers or consumers. Fortunately A&D has a solution to this problem, our high speed and highly reliable EZI-Check Checkweigher system. We supply checkweigher system / checkweigher machine in Egypt, Middle-east and Africa.

Reasons for introducing checkweighing solutions for your production line:

Reason 1 Avoiding costly fines and order rejects Reason 4 Product filling machine feedback
Reason 2 100% product inspection Reason 5 Avoid additional labor costs & reduce false rejects
Reason 4 Produce more packages with materials saved Reason 6 Improve efficiency in your process



Two kilogram capacity checkweigher with resolution to .01g speed up to 320 ppm. Flipper-or drop-type rejector available.


Six kilogram capacity checkweigher with resolution to .1g, speed up to 145 ppm. Pusher-type rejector available.


600 gram capacity checkweigher with throughput up to 400 pieces per minute. Airjet rejector available.


Unique modular design

AD-4961 consists of four units: an infeed conveyor unit,
a weighing conveyor unit, a control unit and a base unit, allowing fast and simple assembly.

Image import from USB

Product images can be quickly uploaded to the checkweigher from a USB flash drive, making product identification and upload fast and simple.

Best-in-class precision

With a newly developed digital load cell and an ultra-high speed processing module, high level precision of 0.08 g been realized.

Lightweight and compact design

With it’s modular structure, the AD-4961 allows for rapid and simple installation or relocation.

7 inch color touch panel

The display utilizes a high visibility touch panel color LCD with friendly Graphic User Interface (audio guidance support function included).

Optimization of weighing configuration

By inputting throughput (products per minute) or belt speed (m.min), optimal weighing conditions can be automatically set.

Stores up to 1000 products

Products can be divided into 10 different groups with up to 100 products able to be recorded within each group.
checkweighing feature


Protected from dust and water to IP65 standards. Our hygenic design is complemented by standard food grade belting.
Models AD-4961-2KD-2035Checkweigher with flipper, drop, or air rejector AD-4961-6K-3050Checkweigher with pusher rejector AD-4961-600-1224Checkweigher with pusher rejector
Capacity 500 g / 2,000 g 6,000 g 600 g
Resolution 0.01 g / 0.1 g 0.1 g 0.01 g
Accuracy 0.08 g / 0.18 g 1.0 g 0.08 g
Maximum Throughput 320 pcs / min 145 pcs / min 400pcs / min
Conveyor Belt Width 200 mm | 7.8 in 300 mm | 11.8 in 120mm
Conveyor Length 350 mm | 13.7 in 500 mm | 19.6 in 360mm for infeed and 240mm for weighing
Transport Medium Urethane belt
Conveyor Belt Speed 15 ~ 120 m / min | 49 ~ 393 ft / min 10 ~ 80 m / min | 32.8 ~ 262.4 ft / min 15-120m / min
Maximum Product Dimension

Length 30 ~ 300 mm
Width: 200 mm

Length 1 ~ 11.8 in
Width: 7.8 in

Length 80 ~ 450 mm
Width: 300 mm

Length 3.1 ~ 17.7 in
Width: 13 in

Length 22 ~ 200 mm
Width: 120 mm

Weighing Sensor Strain gauge load cell
Display 7 inch touch color panel display (WVGA)
Operation Method Touch panel (resistive film type), operation buttons
Number of Recorded Items 1,000 items (10 groups x 100 items)
Communication Functions Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU / RS-232C/ 485 (selectable) / TCP/IP (PostScript Printer) / USB (for PostScript printer, USB memory, data storage, image import use)
External Input Non-voltage contact input 4 points
External Output Relay output 8 points
Dust / Water Resistance Specifications IP65
Operation Temperature / Humidity
-5 ~ 40° / 23 ~ 104°F humidity below 85% (with no condensation)
Power Supply Single phase AC100 V – 240 V (+10% / -15%), 50 / 60 Hz
180 VA
External Dimension

Length: 700 mm
Width: 660 mm
Height: 710-860 mm

Length: 27.5 in
Width: 25.9 in
Height: 27.9 – 33.8 in

Length: 700 mm
Width: 660 mm
Height: 710-860 mm

Length: 660 mm
Width: 602 mm
Height: 713-863 mm

Weight Approx. 35 kg / 86 lbs
Material Display: ABS resin
Conveyor unit: Aluminum (alumite coating) and PP resin
Control box: Stainless steel
Base unit: Stainless steal


BottlesBottles PouchesPouches TraysTrays
BoxesBoxes SatchelsSatchels TubesTubes


Chemical IndustriesChemical Meat IndustriesMeat Poultry IndustriesPoultry
Dairy IndustriesDairy Pharmaceutical IndustriesPharmaceuticals Fish IndustriesFish
Packaged Good IndustriesPackaged Goods Fresh Produce IndustriesFresh Produce Machined Part IndustriesMachined Parts

Easy Maintenance

Motor replacement can be done in under 5 minutes with no prior engineering experience.
Conveyor decks are easy to unlatch and remove making belt replacement a breeze.
The Direct Gear Drive Mechanism allows you to replace a conveyor simply and easily.
Stainless steel construction and hygenic design make this system washdown ready.



Modbus Communication

Commands such as stopping and starting belts, collecting data and changing the product can all be set from an external device.

Data Summary

Various summary data such as Histograms (frequency of defects), X charts, R charts, total summaries available.

History Function

The history of configuration changes can be recorded and displayed.

Various Inputs/ Outputs

Rejector output, alarm output, metal detector input, RS-232C, TCP/IP and USB interface are equipped as standards.

Print Graphs

Reports and charts can be output to a PostScript printer via Ethernet.

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