Load Monitoring Services

Scotload offers a comprehensive range of services for its load pins, load cells, load shackles and load links to support global lifting operations, from concept to commissioning.

We have a reputation for technical innovation and achieving challenging objectives through the delivery of creative and cost effective load monitoring services and solutions. We work with you to fully understand your application and monitoring objectives and use our significant experience to deliver improved operational performance.

Load monitoring services in Egypt! Scotload’s calibration and repair service provides a quick resolution for its own, and third party, load measurement products.

We have unrivalled experience in calibrating load equipment and also offer a popular in-house repair service. We recognise that repairs often need to be completed urgently to get operations back on track. In addition to our usual rapid turnaround we also offer a fast track service if required.

Our calibration capabilities include:

  • Interface load cells
  • Load links
  • Load shackles
  • Load pins
  • Jacking kits
  • Load clocks
  • Running line monitors
  • Static line monitors
  • Weigh beam scales
  • Platform beam scales
  • Crane hooks

We welcome third party products in addition to our own, and all equipment receives the same high standard of care. We have a range of testbeds with load capacities up to 1700 tonnes. All equipment is controlled under our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and our in-house testbeds are fully certified and traceable to UKAS standards.

Calibration and repair includes:

  • Proof loading with certificates
  • Pressure, temperature and distance calibration
  • Calibration checks

A part of Scotload’s comprehensive range of Load monitoring services includes the provision of one of the world’s largest load cell hire fleets.

Our hire Load monitoring services is ideal for both short and long term loads of equipment, cutting out the need for large up front purchase costs. With new items being added regularly, the generous stock of load measurement products are available for immediate dispatch to anywhere in world.

Equipment available for hire includes:

  • Load links 0 – 500 Te
  • Load shackles 0 – 1000 Te
  • Running line monitors – various wire rope diameter and tonnage to suit your application
  • Compressive load cells 0 – 500 Te
  • Compressive load cell kits 0 – 600 Te

All equipment is supplied fully calibrated with certificates guaranteeing their high accuracy.

Contact us today for more information on our hire fleet service.

Scotload’s expertise in load measuring technology is proven through the design and commission of high-quality solutions for specific applications as required by our customers.

Our highly skilled team of professionals have the expertise required to support your needs during all phases of your project. We offer bespoke product design and manufacturing for specific client requirements. We also provide a complete project management capability to manage delivery to time, quality and cost, while ensuring compliance to the highest of safety regulations.

Scotload provides a comprehensive stress analysis service delivering fast, accurate and reliable data for a range of structures, equipment and components.

Using the most up-to-date technology we offer a high frequency of sampling to ensure all critical readings are captured at the crucial moments. Our engineers will conduct a dynamic test programme and our flexible approach facilitates any additional testing or changes as required.

Post processing of the data is conducted by Scotload and a full report will be available within 24 hours. Raw data is accessible after each test for more urgent analysis if required.

Scotload’s stress analysis includes:

  • Proof loading with certificates
  • Pressure, temperature and distance calibration
  • Calibration checks

Scotload’s dedicated engineers provide support with preparatory tasks, installation, site testing and commissioning of its load pins, load cells, load shackles and load links products.

Upon receipt of requirements and requested dates, a single point of contact will issue a quotation and comprehensive pre-site check-list.

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