Tension Load Cells

Scotload’s tension load cells are easy to install and offer a highly accurate method of measuring tensile loads.

Suitable for lifting, process weighing and general measurement applications and an effective alternative to load shackles, our tension load cells are available in three main types:

  • Flat plate
  • S or Z beam
  • Column tension load cells

Benefits of tension load cells:

  • Easy to install
  • Sealed against dust and water
  • High performance
  • Robust and compact

Tension load cells typical specifications:

mV/V Output mA Output
Rated load As required As required
Proof load 150% of rated load 150% of rated load
Cable connection Gland or connector Gland or connector
Cable length 5m as standard 5m as standard
Non linearity < +/- 0.15% of full scale < +/- 0.15% of full scale
Non repeatability < +/- 0.05% of full scale < +/- 0.05% of full scale
Zero balance < +/- 0.05% of full scale < +/- 0.05% of full scale
Environmental protection  As required As required
Safety factor As required As required
Operating temperature range  -20oC to +60oC -20oC to +60oC
Storage temperature range -30oC to +80oC -30oC to +80oC
Output signal mV/V 4-20mA
Electrical connection 4 core 2 or 3 wire
Recommended excitation voltage  10V x
Maximum excitation voltage 15V x
Recommended supply voltage x 24V
Maximum supply voltage x 30V
Bridge resistance 700 Ohm x
Sensitivity 1.5mV/V-2.0mV/V nominal x

Wireless available with external interface

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