SmartLoad® Monitoring Technology

Scotload’s ground-breaking SmartLoad® monitoring technology provides users with total system control and flexibility.

SmartLoad® monitoring technology uniquely incorporates intelligence and memory directly on the load cell itself. Increasing functionality while enhancing the efficiency and safety of your lifting operations.

SmartLoad® monitoring technology delivers a standard technology platform for use across a range of products. Requiring only one handset to connect links, shackles and other load cells, it reduces operational costs. Fully compatible with existing equipment, SmartLoad® monitoring technology can also be retrofitted, removing the need for expensive full system upgrades.

Utilising the latest wireless technology for increased range and improved signal reliability, SmartLoad® monitoring technology provides assurance, improves data accuracy and enhances workplace safety as well as reducing downtime.

The SmartLoad® revolution

Watch the video to discover more about our groundbreaking SmartLoad® technology and why you should choose it for your operations.

Features and benefits of SmartLoad®:

Improve your workplace safety, reduce downtime and lower costs. Our innovative and award winning technology can be retrofitted to your existing equipment, removing the need for expensive system upgrades.

  • Logging function controlled from handset – no need for on-site laptop
  • Safety assurance – automated overload monitoring
  • Uniquely incorporates intelligence on load cells and handsets giving total system control and flexibility
  • Significantly increased range and signal reliability over existing industry standard technology
  • No training required – simple ‘plug-and-play’ system
  • No pairing required – ‘select-and-connect’ technology
  • Avoids downtime and unnecessary wastage – built in system redundancy
  • Easily integrated with existing monitoring systems

Features and benefits of the SmartLoad® load cell transmitter:

  • On-board intelligence
  • On-board memory
  • Retrofit to existing load cells
  • Date and time stamp for all usage events
  • Peak readings recorded and logged
  • Variable sample rates to suit application
  • Low power for long battery life
  • Calibration records held on transmitter

Features and benefits of the SmartLoad® software:

Scotload’s SmartLoad® software is available from entry level viewing to advanced detailed analysis depending on your requirements. Find out more about the SmartLoad® software or try a 30-day free trial version now.

  • Displays live readings of up to 128 cells simultaneously
  • Real-time trace provides overview of the last 100 readings for trend analysis
  • Monitors peak readings from each device
  • Instant overload notification
  • Automatic updates – remotely upgrades cell and handset firmware
  • Downloadable event logs and cell reading data (Excel-compatible)
  • Controllable cell operating speeds and overload limits
  • Remote control cell logging
  • Monitors battery life of remote cells, avoiding downtime and unnecessary wastage

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