Static Line Monitors

Scotload’s static line monitors are ideal for hostile marine and offshore applications where a fixed means of measurement is impractical.

Manufactured from high tensile aluminium or stainless steel, our line monitors can be customised to suit various rope sizes. They are easy to transport, install and operate and provide highly accurate readings to ensure that loads remain within safe working limits.

We have a range of static line monitors in stock available to buy or hire, ready for immediate dispatch. We also offer a custom design and manufacturing service to suit any specific requirements, as well as an in-house repair and calibration service up to 100 tonnes, traceable to national standards.

Download Scotload’s static line monitor data sheet.

Features and benefits of static line monitors:

  • Easy to transport
  • Robust construction
  • Simple to use

Wireless static line monitor typical specifications:

Wireless output
Rated load As required
Proof load 200% of rated load (dependent on rope capacity)
Rope diameter 22mm to 50mm
Operating temperature -20oC to +60oC
Storage temperature -30oC to +80oC
Environmental protection IP66
Output signal Wireless
Data logging In interface
Battery type 3 x D
Active battery life Up to 500 hours
Standby battery life Up to 1700 hours
Telemetry frequency 2.4Ghz ISM
System range Up to 350m
Sampling rate 10Hz (500Hz max)


Side view 

End view

Static line monitor typical dimensions:

A mm 12.5
B mm 2.5
C mm 147.5
D mm 147.5
E mm 320
F mm 319
G mm 191
H mm 66 (max)
I mm 66
J mm 140
K mm 9

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