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ZF offers you a wide range of products which match all your requirement and type of work like water proof, dusty, heavy-duty and hazardous area …etc. We offer all types of weighing products: Precision Balances Medical & Personal Scales Retail Scales Weigh-Price labelers Postal Scales Counting Scales Platform & Bench Scales Hanging/Crane Scales Dust and water proof Digital scales Explosion Proof Scales Over-Under Scales Airports Baggage Scales Railway Scales Forklift Truck Scales Weighbridge/Truck Scale Axle Scales Indicators/Controllers Transmitters Load Cells Loading assemblies / Weighing Modules Filling Machines. Labeling equipments. Metal Detectors

Inspection, maintenance, installation & calibration services

Our engineers are always ready to handle all your requests, with our high technical support services and speed response we can guarantee the best performance of your machines and no waste time. Our services: Service agreement to guarantee best performance. Calibration and hallmarking all types of scales in co-operation with the Egyptian administration of Assay and Weight. Project support. Installation & Consultation. Professionally performed services. Available spare parts permanently. Changing mechanical scales into electrical scales with the ability to increase its capacity and efficiency. Training and seminars

Market Sectors

We Aware Of Your Industry Weighing is essential to approximately each business, so whatever your field is, we know the requirements, the terms, the applications and the solutions of your industry. Chemical/Pharmaceutical Petrochemicals Mining Metal/Metallurgy Engineering/Construction Plastics Textile Airports Post office Train weighing Transport & Logistic Food & Drink Hospital & Hotels Restaurant Recycling Warehousing Wholesalers....etc.

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