Load Cells for High Temperature Use

Thames Side has significant experience in the design and manufacture of load cells for use at high temperatures (up to 150°C continuous use).

For general process weighing applications, we are able to offer many load cells from our standard range in high temperature versions, with a heat resistant PTFE sheathed cable for long term durability. These models are:

  • T66 load cell
  • 350i load cell
  • VC3500 weighing assembly
  • T34 load cell

Additionally, we have an ideal load cell for high temperature environments within the metals industry, for example steel plants and foundries. The Model T38 load cell has excellent accuracy and long-term stability and it was designed for minimum maintenance in order to be a “fit-and-forget” solution.

To create a complete weighing system, Thames Side offers a class leading range of weighing assemblies, an extensive range of junction box options (including those with integral lightning protection) and high precision measuring electronics. All of this ensures optimum performance is achieved in all weighing applications.

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T38 High Temperature

TT38 High Temperature (40,000-200,000)

  • Nickel plated alloy steel double shear beam
  • IP67 protection
  • Wide compensated temperature range
  • Superior repeatability and long term stability
  • PTFE cable, 15 metres long