Single Point Load Cells

Thames Side’s range of single point load cells (platform) has amongst the highest specifications in the market for process weighing applications.

They are designed specifically for high accuracy applications in filling and dosing systems, platform scales, check-weighers and bagging machinery, amongst others.

Each model of single point load cells is designed and individually calibrated to be insensitive to off-centre loads.

For use in harsh environments, our Model T12 stainless steel single point load cells is fully welded and hermetically sealed to provide total environmental protection.

For less severe environments, our T11 and T12A nickel plated steel single point load cells are constructed with a humidity-resistant silicone potting compound.

For use in dynamic applications such as high speed checkweighing, our fluid damped T16 model has a grade 316 stainless steel housing and an integrated bi-directional stop for protection against overloads.

Our single point load cells carry recognised weights and measures approval from OIML, with some models having a 4-wire connection and others having a noise-insensitive 6-wire connection.

We can supply technical drawings and 3D CAD files (e.g. in STEP format) to engineers who are specifying load cells for new equipment.

Complementing our single point load cells is a broad range of precision measuring electronics to provide an optimum weighing solution in a diverse range of applications.

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Thames Side Single Point Load Cells

Single Point Load Cells

  • 5-400Kg Capacity Range.
  • 4 models
  • OIML C3  or C4 Approval.
  • IP68/IP69K.
  • Include fluid damped model for dynamic weighing (T16).
TSingle Point Load-Cells Platform Scale

Bending and Shear Beam Load Cells

  • 5-5000Kg Capacity Range.
  • 1 model of bending beam, 3 models of single shear beam.
  • OIML C3 Approval.
  • IP68/IP69K.
  • ATEX.
Single Point Load Cells platform scale

Load Feet For Shear Beams

  • 300-5000Kg Capacity Range.
  • 3 models.
T16 Fluid Damped Load Cells for Dynamic Weighing

Double Shear Beam Load Cells

  • 2,000-200,000Kg Capacity Range.
  • 2 models.