The 350Ti shear beam Load Cell stainless steel is a high accuracy load cell for industrial weighing applications, but primarily for platform scales due to its low height and blind loading hole, which introduces the load into the shear beam in the most optimum way.  It has OIML C3 approval (which is ideal in legal-for-trade platforms) and it can withstand harsh working environments due to itsfully welded and hermetically sealed design (IP68/IP69K).

To reduce corner correction (setup and installation time) to a minimum, the 350Ti load cell has optimised pre-corner adjustment, calibrated inmV/V/Ohm by output current matching at ± 0.05%.

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Key Features
  • Fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel construction, withprotection class IP68/IP69K
  • Complies with OIML R60 regulations up to 3000 divisions (C3) for scales according to EN 45501
  • Nominal capacities: 300kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1500kg and 2000kg
  • Calibrated in mV/V/Ohm
  • Wide operational temperature range: -30 °C to +70 °C
  • Options: Parylene coating for the load cell when used in extremely harsh environments, as well as a version for high temperature use
Typical Applications
  • High accuracy platform scales

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