The T11 single point load cell is manufactured from high quality nickel plated alloy steel and its design provides for high accuracy weight measurement, even with off-centre loads.

It is suitable for platforms of size 500mm x 500mm maximum (with the load cell installed centrally under the platform) and carries OIML C3 approval (3000 divisions).  Potted and silicone sealed to provide IP66 protection, it also features a polyurethane cable as standard.  Polyurethane has a high resistance to UV radiation, temperature changes and impacts/cuts compared with PVC cable.

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Key Features
  • Capacity range: 15-150kg
  • High quality nickel plated alloy steel, corrosion resistant
  • OIML C3 approval
  • Fully potted and sealed to IP66
  • 500 x 500mm max. platform size (with load cell placed centrally under platform)
  • Polyurethane cable
Typical Applications
  • Small platforms up to 500mm x 500mm
  • Small buckets and hoppers
  • Bagging and dosing systems
  • Checkweighers
  • Big bag (FIBC) filling

Ask a question about this competitively priced, high accuracy single point load cell.T11 Single Point

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