Load Cells

Strain gauged load pins can easily replace an existing clevis, pivot pin or solid shafts in machinery or equipment to measure the load at that point.

They are used in many diverse applications including cranes, winches, agricultural equipment (such as tractors), fishing, marine, offshore, subsea, aerospace, process industries, mining, hoisting gear, elevators and floor conveyors, cable laying machinery and many others. The load information provided by the pin can be used for process control, weight/force measurement, overload protection and safety related aspects.

All Thames Side Sensors load pins are custom manufactured to your requirements, from special grades of stainless steel that are hardened to produce the best compromise between metrological and strength requirements.

Instrumentation / Electronics

To create a complete load monitoring system, Thames Side also offers an extensive range of high precision measuring electronics that ensures excellent performance is achieved in all applications.

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Customised load pins

Customised Load Pins

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Capacities up to 1000 tonnes
  • IP66, IP67, or IP68 protection
  • Ambient or high temperature versions available
  • Polyurethane or PTFE cable
  • Optional material certificate available
  • Integrated amplifier, dual output, ATEX options