Weighing Indicator 5230
Weighing Indicator 5230

Weighing Indicator 5230

Key Highlights & Features

  • Weigh IN/Weigh OUT
  • Axel or Split weighing
  • Dedicated Truck-Weigh function keys
  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • On-scale product filling
  • 200 memory allocations
  • Drive 12 x 350 ohm load cells

Product Description

The weighing indicator 5230 is our specialist indicator designed as an economical solution for midsize weigh bridge operations. It supports weigh in weigh out and has dedicated 1st and 2nd function keys. Operator entry is simplified through the alphanumeric keypad and on screen prompting. There are standard printing formats available to suit each type of application.

Multiple weighings (up to 10) are available for split or axle weighing for first, second or single weights. Storage of first weights or tares against the truck ID allows for quick and easy processing of truck weighing transactions. A dual serial port is provided as standard to allow connection to a printer and remote display.

Weighing Indicator 5230

Smart Weighing Indicator

Industrial Process Controller

Truck Weighing

  • Single Weighing with weigh In-Out
  • Batch Process Single Weighing (In-Out) – where fill is performed directly on the weighbridge. The product fill from a silo, for example, can be controlled via the optional outputs.
  • Multiple and Variable Axle Weighing (In-Out) – allows up to 10 axles of a vehicle to be weighed and the weights stored as the transaction.
  • 200 memory allocations – to store truck, product and destination identification
  • Material usage reporting – against truck ID and destination ID

Product Downloads

The following files are available for download for the 5230. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit’s software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

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