Approved Weighing Systems

Approved Weighing Systems

Rinstrum’s trade approved weighing systems all feature:

  • Built-in RS232 – For connection to printer, PC or display
  • Configurable printing – For customised reports, printouts and dockets.
  • Built in clock calendar – For date and time stamping
  • Dedicated function keys – Zero, Tare, Gross/Net
  • Trade Approved – Australia, Europe and USA
  • Standard functions – Unit switching, counting, manual hold, peak hold, live weight, totalising, high resolution, auto tare, show set points
  • Complete range of mounting options – panel, wall, post or desk
  • PC configuration software (Viewer) – To transfer and backup indicator configuration for faster, easier setup.

Additional features are listed for each product

R300 Series Indicators
  • R320/R323

The R300:

  • Compact housings – R320 ABS housing (160x75x30mm) or the R323 flush stainless steel housing (R323)
R400 Series Indicators
R400 Series Indicators
  • K401 General Purpose Software


  • Multi-line display (29mm and 18mm) uses logical prompts along with dedicated and programmable function keys
  • Flexible modular system with optional modules: I/O, button module, analogue output module and additional communications modules.
  • Supports up to 16 x 350 ohm