Check Weighing

Check Weighing


Successful check weighing is the suppression of undesirable dynamic effects.

Over the last 35+ years, our supplier has specifically developed a range of load cells and instrumentation/electronics designed for accurate, high speed weight measurement and detection of over- or under-weight in check weighing applications.

Background Information

A check weigher is an automated system designed to check the weight of packaged commodities, to satisfy internal controls and external trade applications.  They are usually found at the end of a production line in many industries, or in the despatch area ofeCommerce warehouses.

Check weighers used in legal-for-trade applications require the use of approved components such as load cells and measuring electronics.

There are 2 main types of check weigher;

  • Only the package content is checked; this is needed to calculate a price based on the content
  • The package content is checked and compared with defined upper and lower tolerances in order to accept or discard the package.  These tolerances are mandated, often in accordance with the e-mark legislation.  If a package has a weight outside the tolerance, it is removed from the production line.

For both of these types, the check weighing process can be static (manual) or dynamic.  In dynamic check weighing, the package will be moving along a conveyor belt or roller system.  Therefore, the package’s static weight will be affected by the accelerations and vibrations occurring in the mechanical components of the conveyor.

Typical items that are check weighed for trade purposes:

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Pots
  • Bags
  • Big-bags (FIBC)
  • Boxes
  • Packaged meat and fish products

X Series
X Series
  • X320
The X320 is a check weigher that is design and built to handle harsh environments:
  • 3 coloured high intensity status LEDs built into the front display
  • Check weighing – low, pass and high
  • 3 Isolated outputs to drive traffic lights or status lamps.
  • IP69K and IP68 environmental rating suitable for food processing areas
  • The X320 is also combined with the XK, XS and XT scale bases.
5000 Series Indicators
5000 Series Indicators
  • 5200
The 5200 is a powerful check weigher offering:
  • 99 Products – preset tare, setpoint targets and counting sample information can be stored for each product along with product totals
  • Check weighing – 5 grading bands (4 setpoint check weights)
  • Statistical reporting on product grading
  • Totalising, Counting