Parts Counting

Parts Counting

The R400 series indicators have built-in parts counting functionality. The multi-line display improves operator usability and the alpha numeric keys assist an operator in finding stored Product IDs.

Parts Counting

The R420 is available on the X bases where a complete scale is required.

R400 Series Indicators
R400 Series Indicators
  • K410/ K411/K412 Batching Applications

The R400 Series K402 application has a number of specific features that make it ideal for parts counting applications:

  • Support for up to 250 products
  • Product IDs along with their piece weights, unit conversions and set point can be stored.
  • Piece Counting using a sample or using an entered piece weight
  • Reports to print stored accumulation data for each product.
  • Built in communications for connection to a printer
  • Programmable printing for customized dockets and reports
  • Editing of the weight or count to be switched on/off.
  • Barcode: Serial communications of barcode allows for the connection of a barcode scanner to the indicator and product selection via barcode reading.

The K401 software supports counting with one product.

X Scales

The R420 is available on X series scale bases also. The XA base is a coated steel base frame suited to warehouse environments, while the XS is a stainless steel base that is suitable for more harsh working conditions.