Truck Weighing - Single Deck

Truck Weighing – Single Deck

Truck weighing is handled by indicators in both the R400 and 5000 series. The R400 series indicators feature a multi-line display and handle up to 16x350ohm loadcells. The R400 Series K404 and the 5000 Series 5230are specific ically for truck weighing applications.

The D640, D740 and 6500 all could be used for large remote displays outside to display the weight to drivers.

The 0071 Summing Box takes up to 6 load cell inputs and can be daisy chained with another 0071 to handle up to 11 load cell inputs.

R400 Series Indicators
R400 Series Indicators
  • K402 Multi Product Software
  • K404 Truck Weighing
  • K401 General Purpose Software

R400 Series K404 Application Software

The K404 is designed specifically for truck weighing. It allows for a range of operational scenarios all in one setup, from weigh-in/weigh-out to stored truck ids. The dedicated Truck ID button and Print button simplify the operator interface. Additionally the alpha-numeric keypad allows for easy entry of tare weight and Truck IDs. With 250 Truck IDs available it is suitable for applications with truck fleets of up to 250.

The following R400 series features make it ideal for the application:

  • Support for up to 16 x 350 ohm, easily handling a typical 8 load cell bridge.
  • Built-in communications ports – for connection to printer and remote display.
  • Isolated communication module.
  • Alibi (data storage device DSD) module for traceability.
  • All accessory modules, including the power supply, can be swapped without recalibration.
  • Indicator configuration and setup can be reused and easily uploaded using the opto-link on the front panel.
  • Pre-calibration using mV/V saving time on full calibration.
5000 Series Indicators
5000 Series Indicators

The 5000 series indicators have been used extensively on weigh bridges. The 5230 specifically handles:

  • Single Weighing with Weigh In-Out
  • Batch Process Single Weighing (In-Out) – where a product fill is performed directly on the weighbridge.  The optional outputs could be used to control a product fill from a silo, for example.
  • Multiple and Variable Axle Weighing (In-Out) – allows up to 10 axles of a vehicle to be weighed and the weights stored as the transaction.
  • 200 memory allocations – to store truck, product and destination identification
  • Material usage reporting – against truck ID and destination ID